A game-changer solution for micro-cultivators, craft cannabis and home growers.

With GemmaCert Lite you:

  • Test samples in-house before formal and binding testing
  • Save time and costs on potency testing
  • Identify optimal harvest time
  • Make sure you get what you paid for
  • Boost customer confidence and brand loyalty

GemmaCert Lite analyses THC and CBD potency in 5 minutes for dry flower buds by non-destructive means.

Results are communicated directly to the friendly smartphone GemmaCert App. Further analysis is possible via the desktop GemmaCert Customer Portal. Compare results with the global community of GemmaCert users.

  • Analyse live/wet flowers by following the GemmaCert Wet Flower Analysis Protocol.
  • Each GemmaCert device is connected to the secure GemmaCert Cloud hosted by GDPR compliant Amazon Web Services.
  • Experience continuous performance improvement by over-the-air updates and benefit from constant customer service and support.